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September 20th, 2016 by J

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April 24th, 2016 by J

When you’re as hot and feisty as Milla Jovovich that she got the attention of a lot of people while she was so young, which started her acting career, you can expect to find some leaked wild things she’s done the past years. I mean, being a star in an explicit romance film while only 15 years old says a lot about the charisma she has in the adult audience. If she could pass an audition doing such roles, pretty sure she is equipped with the necessary skills and physical characteristics to pull it off. But this isn’t the most shocking of roles some people may have seen her in as this leaked video showing her younger self, doing some nasty porn flick in a role most of you are quite familiar with when it comes to sexual fantasies.

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You know, if not for the student-teacher fuck sessions in a classroom, there’s the wilder version of co-workers banging rough during office breaks. Jovovich seems the type who enjoys role playing and she one hell of a hot office chick taking it hard and deep in the ass on a chair. She likes to pretend getting pissed at work and having one of her prospects to come and woo her, making promises to make it better by massaging her back, her neck, then spreading her legs to lick and eat that warm cunt that’s screaming for some wild TLC. Just before she gets to reach orgasm, she’d bend over her chair and let her pal take the wheel from there and drive them both to heaven while fucking rough in the ass and exploding all the load inside her. Jovovich is one hardcore chick right from the start so you better watch out for other kinky sex tapes of hers.

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Here are a bunch of Milla Jovovich Real Naked Pics. Here we see Milla, who is both an actress and a musician, communing with nature by bathing totally naked under a waterfall. She got her exotic look and  square jawed features from her Eastern European ancestry, she was born in the Ukraine.  Get a load of those mouth-watering hooters!

Milla Jovovich, her name is pronounced mee-luh yo-vo-vitch according to her website, has appeared hit films like The Fifth Element, Zoolander and Resident Evil. She has married two of the directors she worked with: Luc Besson (whom she later divorced) and Paul W. S. Anderson.

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